The Stories of Butte County Dance Past, Present, & Future…

We are ready to collect and share your stories!


What have we lost and want do we want to remember after the Camp Fire? Are you an artist, educator, business owner, or arts organization? We want to capture your memories and share them with the world, so we can honor and then rebuild an even stronger arts community.

Please take some time and reflect, then write your story, you can also submit videos, photos, or share a link.


Many arts were directly affected by the fire and amazing stories need to be shared. In all areas of the arts our community reached out and helped each other.

Please share your stories of hope, friendship and the arts in our community!

We want your stories, photos, videos, and links to your efforts.


As we begin to rebuild, recreate, and create new visions for the arts please share your stories, achievements, struggles, and events as they arise.


Schools, Teachers, Artists, and Organizations can submit stories…

All stories need to capture the Arts in Butte County.

How to submit your story.

  1. E-mail and we will get your story posted to our site.
  2. Please designate your story as a Pre-Fire,During the Event, or Happening Now.
  3. Include: your complete story as you would like it to appear, contact information (main contact person and e-mail/phone number –we will not post this online), photos &/or videos are encouraged. Any other explanation you would like add.
  4. If you have a go-fund-me, foundation, boosters,donors choices link, website, or an event page we would be happy to spread the word. Just include the link in your email.
  5. Also include if you have an upcoming event you would like added to our calendar.

We will be featuring one-two events a week.